Saturday, September 12, 2009

School, finally, and more!

ok, grandma, you have been begging for this post, so here we go.

School is great. I go at 7:15 and my mom checks me in. I usually have a nummy breakfast of french toast or eggs, and then we all head down to the Catalyst room. THis is where we do school. We work at our on pace on our own packets with whatever help we need until 10:30.

BREAK TIME!!! WE sing and play guitar and talk during break, and we get yummy snacks. Then Pam comes in and we do health. We recently did ME books for health. Right now we are doing essays on some sort of problem behavior. I think I'll do mine on BPD, just to get a better understanding on it.

After that we go to lunch. WE have really good food, but every tuesday at around 12:30 we go to the hospital and eat there. SOO MUCH BETTER!!!! and that is saying alot, cuz we have GOOOD food. I have an oreo shake every day :).

Then we go back to school. Tuesdays to Thursdays at around 2 we have gym. We play soccer, frisbee, basketball, and even four square. It's way fun. Then we have some kind of group, whether it is Therapuetic Recreation, Proccessing, or Mental Health. I learn somethin every day in these. Processing is what it sounds like. Processing everything and talking about it. Mental Health is the same, and TR is like gym, but with a moral.

We always have one more group and get out at five, except Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays that it's and fridays are special.

Fridays we go on field trips. This week we went bowling at fat cats.

Now for the MORE

Miranda wears pony bead bracelets and I love them. So I decided to get some pony beads and make some. I have about twelve now and they are so cute.

I haven't had any time for WoW, so I don't know how much I'll play that, except on non busy weekends. Also on that, Kelly is never on. WHich is GREAT for his wife and babies, but it has killed my leveling system.

I am going to get back into playing the VIOLA! I asked my teacher for some music and we will see what comes of it.

THat's all for now

"Each day is a gift, and not a given right"