Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 horrible days

I already posted about my stupid bus driver's rules. Well, today after school I came back to my locker to find my stuff littering the floor. I turned to my locker partner and asked her what the heck was going on, then I noticed Aleanndra putting her stuff in my spot and using half of my stuff. They told me to get out, Aleanndra was moving in, and they were keeping my stuff. I grabbed my stuff, and in a haze of tears, found my way to Kambrea's locker. Kam has no locker partner so I moved in, and grabbed all my stuff back out of the locker and used it more MY new locker. So Today I was kicked out of my own locker and I had to get in a new one that i can't ever get the com right to. I would say I have a reason to be mad. Then Aleanndra came in and opened "her" locker and noticed my stuff gone, she chased me around the school, swearing at me and smacking me with her jacket, and tell the Vice that we were playing. Kam came to my rescue and swatted Aleanndra hard on the back with her own jacket and grabbed my stuff. We made a run for it and Aleanndra's ride arrived. The late bus came and I hid in the back corner of the bus, very hurt. That hurt. BAD. Ouch.

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